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A Purposeful Approach to Pollinator Gardens

A Purposeful Approach to Pollinator Gardens

Pollinators play a crucial role in our ecosystems, yet many are facing population decline from the pressures of pesticides and habitat loss. The good news is that even a small pollinator garden with the correct elements can make a difference! 
Learn how to build a framework for attracting a range of pollinators to your landscape through key strategies for designing habitats. Pollinators need food, water, and shelter throughout the seasons and throughout their lifecycles. Native plants are often their preferred choice for both food and shelter. Four often-overlooked native plants that play a key role in supporting native pollinator species in all seasons will be highlighted.
Success with ornamental plants in the pollinator garden includes consideration of the design, layering, and seasonality of plants to create a sustainable ecosystem. Learn about these crucial aspects for pollinator support along with specific examples of design elements and plants that are most beneficial for our local pollinators. Sue will also explain how layering and cold-season bloomers can provide additional benefits for pollinators and create a garden with four-season interest.
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