Q: I am a ticket holder and have not received any emails about accessing the Workshop.

A: Check your spam/junk folders and set your approved senders to receive email from If you still have problems, contact


​Q: What time does the Workshop begin?  

A: Our Keynote Speaker presentation begins at 9 am on Saturday. Arrive early to be seated.

Other class and webinar start times are listed on the Workshop Schedule page. Classes open 10 minutes before the start time.

Q. Will any of the sessions be recorded and available for viewing later?

A. Only the keynote presentation on Saturday and most Sunday webinars will be recorded. If you purchase the Webinar Only or the Combined Class Package you will have access to the recordings for 3 weeks following the Workshop until March 5. Webinars not recorded are noted in Webinar descriptions.

Q: Can I purchase a Field Trip ticket without registering for other Workshop classes or webinars?

A: During Early Bird Registration from January 9 to 16, Field Trips are only available to those purchasing a ticket for the Workshop. After January 16, Field Trip tickets may be purchased by those not attending other Workshop classes or webinars.  Space is limited.

Q: Can I buy tickets for a friend and myself in one transaction?

A: You need to purchase each attendee’s ticket separately. Each ticket is identified by the attendee’s name and is used at check-in for the on-site classes and field trips. For webinars, an email address verifies each online attendee.




Q: What COVID-19 protocols do you have?


The Whidbey Gardening Workshop requires all field trip and on-site participants to show proof of their full COVID-19 vaccination with their card or cell phone photo, or proof of having received a negative COVID-19 test given within 72 hours of the event to enter the field trip or workshop event. When verified, attendees receive a hand stamp allowing them to enter the workshop.


  • FDA approved home tests are acceptable if the results are displayed in a photo with a dated item, such as a newspaper or cell phone date. The photo must display the test has been taken within the previous 72 hours. An option available with some Home Tests allows the test results to be emailed to you stamped with the time and date. We would accept either the email or a photo of test result at the Vac Check on March 5, as long as the timing of the test is within our criteria.

  • Registered attendees will be notified of an opportunity to pre-screen vaccination status closer to the event. In this case, an image of your vaccination card is emailed to us. This reduces the time you wait in line before entering the building.

  • Attendees are also required to wear a mask at all times on field trips and on-site activities, except while seated and eating.



Q: Can I get into a class on Saturday if I don’t pre-register?

A: The Workshop tickets are prepaid and walk-ins cannot attend without a ticket. There are two exceptions.

  • For Saturday classes, any open seats are displayed on a monitor in the Registration area. After 10 am, tickets for any unfilled class may be purchased for $15 a seat. Each attendee is given a special pass to enter that class only. Access to the Keynote presentation must be prepaid.

  •  After 10 am on Saturday those wanting to visit only the Marketplace are asked to pay $5 donation / person.

Q: How do I get a refund if I can’t attend?

A:  Refunds, minus the transaction fees paid by Whidbey Gardening Workshop, are available through February 20, 2022. You may contact  If you have further questions, Contact Us.

Q: Can I get on the mailing list for next year's Workshop announcements?

A:  Your email is added if you purchase a Workshop ticket.   Or you may request to be added through the

Contact Us form.