Vendor/Exhibitor Registration Form
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Are you a Master Gardener or Associate of ICMGF? (Y/N)
Are you a non-profit? (Y/N)
Booth used only for: Education (Y/N), Merchandising (Y/N)
Do you need an electrical outlet? (Y/N)
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Select the Size of Booth:
  • ​Merch 10’x12’ for $60, Instructor or merch.  (Instructor gets a coupon)

  • Non profit 10x12 $45

  • Merch 12’x20’ for $120 (instructors gets coupon)

  • 6x6 (Non-profit Educational only) (Always Free)

Name all who will be attending your booth on the day of the workshop. If the names
change going forward, be sure to notify Melissa Evans. (text box allowing up to about 8

  • All Exhibitors provide their own carts, dollies, tables, long electrical cords, etc. for their booths. Metal Folding chairs will be available at the Exhibitors Field House Entrance doors.

  • Nothing can be removed from the classrooms or any other area of the school.

  • If your staffing information changes, please contact Melissa Evans so  that additional name tags can be provided. School Security mandates that all persons attending the workshop wear identification badges.

Thanks for submitting!