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Touring the Organic Farm School - Whidbey

Touring the Organic Farm School - Whidbey

Becoming a successful organic farmer today takes a wide variety of skills, from soil management and seed production, to marketing and business planning. At the Organic Farm School, we give aspiring farmers a strong foundation in a broad range of skills so they can achieve their unique farm goals. The Organic Farm School (OFS) offers opportunities to participate in an expe_ri_en_tial training pro_gram designed for aspir_ing farm_ers to learn and prac_tice the skills they will need to run a small-scale organic farm. 
Working on the OFS student farm, par_tic_i_pants learn to conduct on-farm research through variety trials and group projects. Par_tic_i_pants also develop their prac_ti_cal farm skills includ_ing how to juggle plan_ning, tillage, green_house prop_a_ga_tion, weed_ing, har_vest_ing, mar_ket_ing, and record keep_ing throughout the full intensity of a growing season.
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