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"Month by Month Gardening Pacific Northwest"

"Month by Month Gardening Pacific Northwest"


by Christina Pfeiffer and Mary Robson

Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening is the definitive guide to successful gardening year-round in the Pacific Northwest -- states include Washington, Oregon, British Columbia (Canada), and Northern California. This book takes the guesswork out of gardening for anyone living in the region, providing critical gardening advice on the when-to's and how-to's, along with illustrated step-by-step instructions that will keep your garden thriving all year round.

Authors Christina Pfeiffer and Mary Robson are Pacific Northwest gardening experts who know this cool, wet, vivacious region inside and out.  Month-by-Month Gardening Pacific Northwest combines the shared knowledge of Pfeiffer and Robson in one easy-to-read guide illustrated with brilliant Pacific Northwest garden photography.


You won't find a better, more complete reference book for your region, so look no further!

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