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More Peonies, Please! - Propagating Peonies

More Peonies, Please! - Propagating Peonies

The current resurgence in peonies is no accident. Until recently, their omission from modern garden design had persisted for nearly half a century, but that�s rapidly changing as gardeners discover the exceptional qualities of newer varieties that have been specifically developed for today�s smaller, low maintenance gardens. These aren�t your grandmother�s peonies! 
Join Lore as she shares tips and techniques for propagating peonies including how to grow peonies from seed, hybridize new varieties, and clone peonies using root crown division, tissue culture and grafting of woody tree peonies. Lore will also briefly discuss how hybridizing impacts stamen transformation in peonies to create new flower styles. She will share a brief history of and updates on the ongoing development of the exciting new Itoh intersectional peonies. 
Bring your questions and get ready to learn how to successfully propagate and grow more of these incredibly beautiful and majestic landscape aristocrats!
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