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Hot Composting

Hot Composting

Composting: The act of taking complex organic waste material and breaking it down into simpler and simpler forms. 
Well-made organic compost makes a dynamite amendment that can improve your garden soil in a myriad of ways. Poorly made compost, however, is much less helpful for your soil and may even prove detrimental to your plant’s health. 
One way to improve the quality of the compost you spread on your garden is to employ hot composting. By carefully selecting the material in the compost pile and by paying attention to how the pile is constructed and maintained, we can encourage the growth of several classes of thermophilic bacteria. These bacteria will then break down the material in the pile faster and more completely than the decomposition that occurs in nature. The goal is more compost, better compost, and in less time.
Join Master Gardener Tom Vincent for a hands on demo of hot composting. Topics covered include: Materials best for hot composting, how to build and maintain a pile for best decomposition, and tools and space required. By the end of the session everyone should have the knowledge to produce quality compost that will put a smile on any gardener’s face.
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