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"Grow Now"

"Grow Now"


"Grow Now: How to Save Our Health, Communities, and Planet – One Garden at a Time"

by Emily Murphy

Available for pre-order. Publish date February 1, 2022. Orders will be shipped upon receipt from the publisher.

Did you know you can have a garden that’s equal parts food source and wildlife haven? In Grow Now, Emily Murphy shares principles for regenerative gardening that foster biodiversity, improve soil health and connects to the greater ecosystem around us.
The book covers common-sense techniques like no-dig growing, composting and mulching smartly, and planting a variety of edible perennials that attract bees and butterflies. Also included is detailed advice on increasing your nature quotient, choosing plants that cycle more carbon back into the soil, selecting a broader variety of vegetables and fruits to improve overall soil fertility, rethinking space devoted to lawns, and adding companion plants for pollinators to rewild any plot of land.

Exquisitely photographed and filled with helpful lists and sidebars, Grow Now is an actionable, hopeful, and joyful roadmap for growing our way to individual climate contributions. Gardening is climate activism!

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