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"Gardener’s Gratitude Journal"

"Gardener’s Gratitude Journal"


by Donna Balzer and Chelsea Anderson

Also by the Keynote Speaker is a delightful book that could serve as a child's garden journal as well as for experienced gardeners. There are daily input prompts about what the weather is like and weekly short stories from both Donna and Chelsea. The journal is unique in that each day has 3 spaces to cover 3 years of growing so you can quickly see if the weather was still balmy last Sept 25th or if you had a frost warning out in April on year. As weather has a major impact on a garden, these notes help the gardener see why they didn't have hydrangea blooms last year, for example, or were able to plant beans in April! Each month has an area for noting your experiments in the garden and note space for keeping track of both weekly and daily activities. This is a well-presented book with lots to think about and be grateful for in our gardens. 

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