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A Gardener’s Guide to Hosta

A Gardener’s Guide to Hosta


"Once thought to be a major challenge, shade gardening has come into its own and provides an ideal showcase for Hosta. Join Lore as she provides a comprehensive primer on Hosta including how to select the perfect Hosta based on six key selection criteria. Cultural requirements and detailed propagation techniques will be discussed along with a few new vocabulary words that specifically apply to the Hosta genus. Learn about genetic chimeras and how they affect variegation patterns in Hosta leaves. 

The session will conclude with a discussion of pests and disease including recommendations for slug management and an introduction and overview of Hosta Virus X (HVX), including how to identify it and what to do if you find it. Bring your questions and prepare to learn more than just the basics about these magnificent luminaries of the shade garden! "

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