Box Lunch $15

Attendees may purchase a tasty box lunch created by the award-winning Oak Harbor High School Wildcat Catering Service.


Menu options (with ordering codes):

  • (CSC) Chicken Salad Croissant with toasted almonds & red grapes 

  • (CW) Chicken Wrap 

  • (VW) Vegan Wrap (DF)

  • (BFS) Greek Salad Platter with marinated beef  (GF &DF))

  • Hot lunch:

    • (CE)Chicken Enchiladas Verdes (GF)

    • (VE)Vegan Enchiladas Verdes  (GF & DF)


All box lunches contain a beverage and dessert cookie. Choices contain gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options.

Other Options

Other restaurant choices are not easily accessible from the high school area, however you may leave and dine at an Oak Harbor eatery. Or you can bring your own lunch. Snacks and coffee only are also available from the Rustica Café in the Marketplace.

Lunch with Dan $30      SORRY, SOLD OUT

This year the Whidbey Gardening Workshop is offering a noon event with the keynote speaker, Dan Hinkley. Dan is presenting a Show and Tell grouping of plants from his own garden. Many are being offered for sale at the luncheon.  You can also fine themthrough his nursery, Windcliff, open by appointment. This event will be in a private dining room and limited to a small group of 30 attendees. Lunch is the same Box Lunches created by the Wildcat Catering Service, but includes a special dessert provided by one of our Master Gardeners. This is an opportunity to experience more of Dan Hinkley’s extensive gardening knowledge with plants you’ll want to learn about.