Master Gardener Plant Clinic  

If you have gardening questions and haven’t found the expert advice you’ve been looking for, our panel of experienced Master Gardeners is just what you need.

It’s easy: submit your questions prior to the Plant Clinic, and our team of Master Gardeners will provide answers during this free online lunchtime event. Our panel: Gary Ketcheson, Martha and Ed Hollis, Deb Mitchell, and Anza Muenchow.

Submit your gardening questions prior to the Plant Clinic to:, or type in a question in the Q&A box in Zoom during the Plant Clinic session. We will answer as many questions as time permits.   

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Gardening Pain-Free!   

Physical therapist, Mike Goodman, MPT, will present a 20-minute video on gardening pain-free. Mike has designed a program to prevent injuries by demonstrating exercises for gardening correctly. This video details seven essential exercises for maintaining core strength and body flexibility. These exercises are gentle but important for sustaining the body during gardening.