Seven unique and engaging field trips are being offered to provide hands-on experiences “in the field” rather than classroom presentations. Listed below, you will find gardening topics of key interest for every home gardener.

You can sign up for as many as two field trips - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from field trip locations. In March, the weather will be unpredictable. Hope for sun, but dress for rain or snow!

Space is limited so register early. 

COVID-19 restrictions require limits in the number of field trip participants. These limits may change. Check back if field trips are full. 

Each field trip costs $20. 

Morning field trips (FA) are from 10 am to 12 pm

 Afternoon field trips (FP) are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

How to Register

Select Register on the top navigation bar (after January 10), and follow the prompts to select and pay for the field trips.

10:00 am to 12:00 pm
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
All Levels
A Walk Through the Evergreen Arboretum
Trevor Cameron

Join Trevor for a guided tour of one of the largest collections of maples on the west coast. This unique opportunity will allow you to view mature specimens and ask specific questions about them, including pruning tips. There are some spectacular trees in the Arboretum to admire and learn about. These trees for all seasons will wow you with their foliage and structure. Be sure to bring your smiles, questions, and cameras - there will certainly be a few to consider adding to your home landscape!

Everett area
All Levels
Hands-on Pruning Techniques
Ed and Martha Hollis

Join Ed and Martha Hollis at the Greenbank Farm Educational Garden in Greenbank, WA to learn about pruning shrubs, trees, and other kinds of plants.
As pruning techniques are demonstrated, participants will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience in working with on-site trees and shrubs. Learn reasons for pruning, such as to maintain size and revitalize old, overgrown trees and shrubs.
Understand the importance of tools and tool maintenance. Learn how to properly control and direct plant growth on various types of trees, shrubs, grasses and more with confidence. Come prepared with questions!

Greenbank area
Beginning Level
Renovating an Old Landscape into a New Garden
Chuck Flannery-Jones

The class will focus on how to renovate a mature landscape garden by identifying which plants should be pruned, which plants should be moved, and which plants should be removed and replaced.

The field trip will be at the home of Chuck Clark, in Clinton WA. The home had a 20 year-old landscape that was very mature and overgrown when Clark decided he needed some professional help to regain control. The past few years have been spent doing significant pruning, transplanting, and in some cases plant removal yielding a landscape that is both beautiful and in control.

Maxwelton Valley area
Sunday, March 7
All Levels
Seed Propagation
Anza Muenchow

On this Field Trip at the Greenhouse, you will get hands-on experience with seeding trays for indoor germination. You will learn about the process of buying, planting, and germinating seeds, and transplanting seedlings into the ground.
Topics such as seed types, starting mixes, planting depth, moisture, temperature, air circulation, lighting, and more are covered. You’ll get answers to questions such as, When do I use transplants? When do transplants need to go into the ground outside? What is “hardening off”? What do I need to germinate seeds indoors—containers, heat mats, lights, etc.?
This class is for gardeners wanting to perfect their own propagation techniques. Come prepared to ask questions of expert Anza and start your own propagating right now!

Greenbank area
All Levels
Native Plants, Native Prairies
Dr. Robert Pelant

Discover some of the native plants that call the 175-acre glacial outwash prairie home. Learn about the Pacific Rim Institute and our efforts to restore the degraded prairie, savanna and forest land through increasing biodiversity, controlling key invasive species, and building in resilience. Walk part of our 2.2 miles of trails to learn about various restoration projects in various stages, as well as our native remnant containing ~50 species of natives, and our Native Plant Center where we propagate ~40+ species. There will be an opportunity to purchase native plants at PRI before or after the tour, and they come with instructions! 20% of the sale price will be donated to the Master Gardeners.

Coupeville area
All Levels
Hot Composting
Thomas Vincent

What do you know about hot composting other than it is a better way to reduce seeds in the end result? Hot Composting allows microbial activity within a compost pile to produce finished compost in less time than the cold composting method.
Tom will teach us how the addition of compost to garden soil can improve the soil’s texture or “tilth,” adding valuable pore space to aid a plant’s ability to get oxygen to its roots. This class will cover topics such as what organic materials work best for hot composting, size of compost pile needed, moisture levels, heat, tool and space requirements, and labor involved.
Those attending should leave with enough knowledge to build their own successful home hot-compost pile.

Langley area
All Levels
A Landscape Design Lesson at Meerkerk Gardens
Frank Simpson

We know how gardens at times need refreshing and rethinking, often requiring a completely new vision.
During this field trip, Frank Simpson will describe, demonstrate and outline the process he used to redesign the Meerkerk Gardens: Adapt and alter a mature garden in order to extend seasonal interest, think through visual viewpoints garden-wide, increase access to plants, introduce companion plants that have a tolerance for our changing weather patterns, time lines, key strategies used to implement.
One of Frank's goals is to guide you to solve problems in your own gardens. Come prepared to ask questions and develop new visions of what your garden could be through his demonstrations.

Greenbank area

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